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Flight of the Godkin Griffin
Being the Adventures of Angharad Godkin of the Sunblood Cliffs
Duty puts paid to exhaustion. "Where is Cavalry?"

"Quartered as expected. The captain's in the corner chamber," Gavan says, accepting the reins of the beast as I hand them to him. I pull my saddlebags off and let him lead the mount away.

Traditionally Cavalry stays in the barracks adjacent to the stables in any major fort. Going into the mounted troop is a calling; no one would force a person to work with beasts unless he was comfortable with them, and few people are. It's too striking a reminder that we are only a few bloodlines removed from beasthood ourselves. Though it's strict policy not to train mounts that might have resulted from the union of devolved people, sometimes a beast has more intelligence in its eyes than can easily be accounted for.

People who go into Cavalry are odd. I'm not sure what to expect of the captain, other than eccentricity. And apparently arrogance, to be agitating Supply on behalf of the company in lieu of its commander.

I'm too tired to outfit myself fully; being disheveled is an honored army tradition for officers, anyway. But I do stop in a spare chamber long enough to wash my face and don my ivory corselet, and when I pin my slate blue cloak back on it's with the spiral-and-sword of the GodSon's authority.

My route to the corner chamber takes me through the stables. The mounts are somnolent, but a quick inspection shows only glossy coats and healthy hides, shining eyes and well-oiled tack. At least the man takes good care of his creatures. Feeling only a little better and still far too exhausted for this, I stride the rest of the way to the captain's chamber, knock smartly, and enter without being invited.

My first impression is of more than one person, so before I even look at the captain I say, "I'd like to speak to you alone, please."

"Of course." A voice like butter and cinnamon, deep with a hint of husky warmth. My bones melt. I don't stagger because by the gods I am the Mistress Commander of this company and I will not stagger, but . . . I know that voice. As the people stream around me, leaving us alone, I look directly at her and my heart wobbles.

Silfie. My new cavalry captain is Silfie. Silfie, who warmed my bedroll as an only half-grown young woman, when she was 21 and I was 30. Silfie, who'd fit to me like a piece I hadn't known was gone from me, like the last bloodline before godhead. Silfie, whose voice was a caress only a little less sensual than her fingers.

Silfia Fiveblood of the Dale, who'd broken my heart when she'd allowed her family to dictate whether she should dally in a non-productive union instead of wedding and bedding someone who would produce the child Sixblood of the Dale.

If the years had been cruel to her, I could have stood before her with more aplomb. But she has grown into her lush, strong body and invested it with eighteen years of character, insight and wit. I can see it shining in her copper eyes as she meets my gaze and quirks that smile that still has power to move me.

She takes my limp hands in hers and presses the side of her muzzle against them. Her breath falls hot and moist on the bare flesh of my wrist. "Angharad . . . I've been waiting for you."

I'm not sure what overwhelms me more, the shock of seeing her or the shock that my feelings are still so strong. Taking care of her attitude is the last thing on my mind, and it needs to be the first. I should have come better prepared. I should have slept. I've done nothing to ready myself for this, and I'm not, I'm not. There's been no one since Silfie. I thought it was because I'd been busy...

...not because I still care.

Poll #191515 Unexpected Reunion

Help! Tell me what to do!

Flee! You need to regroup!
Stick it out! It's been 18 years... you can handle this!

If I stay, what do I ask about?

Take care of business. Find out why she's agitating Supply.
Listen to your heart. Find out what she's been doing all this time!
All of the above, but business first!
All of the above, but personal first!
None of the above... didn't I tell you to flee?

Current Mood: Stunned!
Wearing: Ivory leather armor, mostly.

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